For Businesses…

There are many options available to individuals seeking immigration relief.

Employment based visas can be sought if you have earned a degree in a certain field, or are a highly skilled and trained worker. Such visas are usually available for executives and managers, or workers with a specialized set of skills.

H-1B visas, for instance, are available for workers in a field requiring a specialized training, and TN’s are intended for professionals in Mexico and Canada.  Other employment based visas we can help with include L-1’s, for transfers within a company of managers and executives, and  E-1’s, E-2’s and E-3’s.  J-1 visas are usually available for trainees and interns.

We can also help file O-1 visas, reserved for foreign nationals skilled in the arts, P-1’s, which are for athletes and entertainers, and R-1’s, which are for foreign nationals with clerical/religious careers.